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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Time

It is that time of the year again. Two days to Christmas. Families getting together to celebrate, being with one another, putting up the Christmas tree, going for a Christmas dance and what not. But for most families no Christmas would be complete without making fruit cake soaked in rum. milk cream, chocolate fudge, kulkuls etc. These are actual family activities I would look forward to, as a kid growing up. Rolling balls of milk cream and putting it into a mold. The best part was eating it hot and purposely ruining the shapes so you could eat those pieces. :). 

Times have changed. Not many families do that anymore. They prefer ordering from the neighborhood 'Aunty who makes sweets' . People are too busy with things. What exactly those things are, I don't really know. But I do know is, that by doing so and not getting your kids involved in the whole process, kid are going to miss out on some awesome Christmas time memories.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Black Friday Thoughts

After Thanksgiving people really look forward to Black Friday.  I always thought it had something to do with Thanksgiving and tried to search for the reasons of its origin, but all in vain.

It’s just another ‘SALE’ where brands drop their price thus- attracting consumers from all over the country, even the neighbors from the north. Originated in the US, it is now become a trend the world over. The day begins early with people scurrying around to get the ‘BEST’ deal! Often, for things they don’t need. It’s crazy.

This reminds me of Mumbai, 10 to 15 years ago, before the advent of the Big Bazars and Dmarts when people from the suburbs would travel for an hour (or even more) go to Crawford Market and buy loads of stuff. Even stuff they don’t need – Why?  It’s Cheap. Thinking they may probably need it sometime in the near future. It was like that place had Black Friday Sale all year round. At the end, it’s st all craze- people thinking that they are saving money. Well maybe they are or maybe or maybe they aren't .  

Monday, December 8, 2014

Public Transportation

Where ever you move to, be it a new city or a new country, you have to have a way to move around the place. You have to be mobile. You can't just sit at home all day. You will eventually have to go out to get food at least. For most people around here the mode of choice is driving. Since I don't own a car yet for me its public transportation. Or as they say out here- public transit.

I usually travel by bus and each place is different. I wont say one is better than the other but different. They do have their good and bad points thou. For one, there is no conductor who goes around yelling "ticket ticket ticket" or "pudhe chala" ( Only people from my home town will get this :p ). The buses are generally on time and have a fixed schedule which you can get online. And they are also very clean compared to the buses I have seen. Believe me they are.

For all that being said there are some things I do miss about public transportation back home. For one, there are no autorickshaws just outside your door step. And as for the buses if you don't have like a pass or something you have to have exact change for the bus fare. Do you know how difficult it is in a country where almost everything is purchased by credit cards. That's the time you miss the conductor who shouts at you for not having change but gives it to you eventually. The worst thing thou is the frequency of the service on the weekend. And Sunday is the worst. Especially if you working on the weekends.

Well but at least they have some buses which helps me get around the place. :)

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Carbon Capture and Storage

The other day I was reading an article in the paper about carbon capture and storage. Apparently I have been living under a rock because I had not heard of that concept before. Its about taking in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, storing it containers and then burying it deep into the ground safely. Wow that's really cool considering all the climate change stuff that has been going around.
Even thou we as a civilization are trying to reduce our carbon footprint, it doesn't look like its happening at a fast enough pace.

So concept seems like a life saver to me or for that matter humanity. But from what I read its really expensive and companies cannot do it without government subsidies. The governments don't think its worth the cost. And I'm like WTF?

Is it worth spending billions of $$ on space missions rather that research on carbon capture and storage? I feel we should first try to save our own planet rather than to go look for whats out there.There is a saying, I don't know where it is from but makes total sense in this case " Charity begins at home" People should do what they can to save planet earth first and then go exploring on other planets out there. This makes more sense to me. I may be wrong. But if there is a better explanation to this, I'm all ears.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas once more

Christmas once more and I'm feeling good. Top of the world like the way I should- Naahh not really. Just some words from a Christmas carol playing on the radio the other day. Yes its that time of the year again. Light are up on the houses, malls are decorated, radios are playing the songs, Christmas sales and shopping, Christmas food, Christmas alcohol blah blah blah. Everywhere you go you can see it. You just cant avoid it even if you want to. So do what I do. Just go with the flow. Everything everywhere around you has the world Christmas in it. Seriously!! It can be a bit exciting and overwhelming at the same time if your seeing it for the first time.

 Among all the lights and glitter, the other day I was just wondering do some of the people even know that somewhere in there, Christmas is about Jesus. We celebrate it because he was born on that day or so they say. Whats is the connection between christmas lights on sale and Jesus. Or for that matter eggnog and clothes and Jesus. Well I don't know. If someone out there does please do tell me.

All this christmassy stuff is all well and good. It makes it fun. But we shouldn't forget the essence of what Christmas is all about. Jesus. Its not just about who has the best decorated house on the street or going for dances and stuff. Its about something much much more. Give it a thought .

Monday, December 1, 2014

Driving in Canada

They say driving is not a right but a privilege. And if you have driven on Indian roads you can drive anywhere in the world. Let me tell you that it is not that easy. Out here as compared to India you have rules to follow and blind spots to check before you turn. When you break any rule you cant just bribe a Pandu ( Indian Policemen)  Rs 100 and get away with it.

There are some things I find a little odd. Like attending in class sessions. I must admit I did find it odd at first and the laughs I got from people back home, OMG. but I did learn some useful things in those classes. Stuff I would have eventually got to know through experience. But its better to be safe than sorry I guess. A little extra knowledge never hurt anyone.

Another thing I found odd was the signalling system at intersection. Turning on red lights, turning on green when oncoming traffic has green, it can all be a bit confusing for a person coming from outside. Well but at least people follow the signals out here. If its 6 in the morning when not a soul is around or during rush hour. The rules are followed. I cant say the same thing for the other cities I have been in.

I haven't found it easier driving out here as compared to India not matter what people may say. There are so many things you have to unlearn and learn again. More than driving there are so many other things to keep in mind. But I guess its all for the benefit and safety for all around. As they say " When in Rome do as the Romans " or in this case " When in Canada, Do as the Canadians "