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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Return Of The King-written by nigel affonso

He was back from the land of the sand dunes n sun
with all the vigor n life, of a 10yr old young gun.
He gave me a call n spoke of a reunion
in the Sunlit place of the comrades n companions

It was with regret, dat i said i'd be away
busy n occupied with art fer many a day.
a reunion on those days wud be impossible fer me
fer other things played on, in my mind, u see

but before u kno it, my mind was on track,
to show respect to the King, i found myself goin bak
n wide open arms swung around each others shoulders
the boys found themselves bak in the platoon of soldiers.

ther once again, the lights turned down low
after a few glasses on the table, we ordered few more.
a night to remember , we had promised ourselves,
lil did we kno how it was all gonna end.

n we decided to treat our ears to sum fusion
all da way to the otherside , we found ourselves headin.
the day turned to night , and so did my mind.
i felt a violent numbness.. the most violent of a kind.

n inside i saw the million shades of blue,
the unforgivin power of a cannabinoid n the '-OH' group
in fact the concoction had the better of us earlier
way earlier before, while the metal Maiden played trooper.

i found myself lost , in the seamless seas of hues
wher red turned to green n black turned to blue
n while down the imploding spiral, i was falling,
a much needed, reassuring voice i heard calling

The King stood ther with his lethal axe in hand
lending out the same to his fallen, frail fellowman.
Asking 'hey boi, do you wanna head bak to Base?'
to which i replied 'Sir please get me outta this place'

n among the wilderness of wicked eyes we lay
being cursed n dissected by evil looks in vile ways
but true to his title, the king stood tall
silencing the wicked , he brought about their fall

all the time, while his fallen brother stumbled
the Steadfast King , marched on n a convoy he summoned.
n once in the car, his brother's carcass, he kept
the skeptics were vanquished, the wounded soundly slept.

n the next thing i kno, i'm miles away at base,
along ther with the king was the the bassist's face.
n we spoke nostalgia, to the early hours of mornin
all the while i prayed for the world to stop whirlin.

den the men became watchers , over their naive, junior comrade
and guided him to his farewell in wee morning hours
he was off to obliviousness , in a town far away
wonderin wat the hell happened jus the previous day.

he dreamed away on the long, journey over the distance
shaking his head to refresh his memory system
n a few days later he called HQ for a report
n he heard the kings voice who kept it sweet n short

'Every SL trip shud be like this dude,
u got out everythn .. includin the previous days food'
i thanked God for the creation of sucha selfless man
a handful can compare to wat only he can.

A band of brethren, a fellowship of fellas
a platoon of soldiers, a team of players
good principles n values, for doing wat is right,
the few simple buggers of the larger than life... Sunlight.