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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What I Would Like to Change About India???

This question was once asked to me.

Growing up every child wants to be someone in this world or wants to do something to change it and make it a better place. I’m just like everyone else – before I go out into the world there are a lot of things I would like to change for a better India , and one of them is the ‘ education system’

Our system is more ‘ percentage ‘ than ‘ Learning ‘ oriented. Now a days even 90% is not the benchmark ( sometimes not enough ). Around 30 years ago, getting a distinction was a big achievement. Today there are many reasons for this rise; competition being one of them and partly even parents are to be blamed. They keep pushing their children and making comparisons with others., which in the process make their children feel guilty.

Our education system needs a major makeover. We learn by rot for the sake of passing an exam only to forget about it after the exams. Learning needs to be made fun. It has to enhance creativity and increase ones ability to think logically because when you are out there alone on the job you have to make decisions that will make or break your carrier. And this does not come from reading a textbook hundred times over. This will come from hands on experience. The way the system works in our country, it does not allow us to think. We need to be challenged more.

We need to learn to accept failure and learn from it. Then there would be lesser student suicides. This wont come by only changing the system, but the mindset of society as a whole needs to be changed. They should not look down upon someone who gets low marks or even fails. Even Einstein was a slow learner, but he did well for himself in the end, didn’t He? He had the support of the right people and the right facilities. That is what we need ‘FACILITIES’

By changing the education system India can be on par with the developed countries of the world. But before changing the system, the peole who control it have to be changed.

have a nice day...