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Monday, April 20, 2015

I'm ok

The general response to the question, hi, how are you? Would be Im good. How about you? That is how we have been programmed to respond and that is how people expect us to respond. I also get asked that question a lot. And my general response to that is ,Im doing ok. And then people would ask me in a surprised manner, 'why just ok, and not good.' And I have no response to that.

This then got me thinking, is something really wrong with me? Why am I not good? Then one day it occurred to me. Im doing ok because life is not that bad to complain about and its not that good that I have anything to boast about.

Can a person really be good and happy all the time? I dont think that is really possible in this day and age, with so many things happening around us.

I read an article the other day, by Tim Lott, a British author, in The Guardian where Tim says, Disappointment, Fear and Loss are much a part of life as Achievement, Hope and Joy. But this intermediate state no longer seems to be socially acceptableThere is plenty of unhappiness. We shouldnt dwell on it but we shouldnt refuse to acknowledge it either. Thus, giving meaning to the phases of one's life.

So the next time someone says to you, Im ok. Just let them be. Maybe they are content with being ok and there is nothing wrong in that. Let them have a day, after all making it through one is all that matters. 


Pria said...

Good one

Reilly said...

Super insight. It is so very true. Why can't we just be content?

Prakruti said...

But why can we not find happiness in every little thing! Our feelings do affect the moods of people surrounding us, so I feel, it will be great if people would be cheerful and not let that being "okay" pass on to others.